What is Drop servicing? A complete guide

What is Drop servicing? A complete guide

What is drop servicing

Drop servicing is a business model in which you find and sell a service to a high-ticket client and then outsource the work to a third party or freelancer and earn a decent commission in the whole process.

For example- You get a client for logo designing and you charge them $100 for a logo and then you hire a freelancer for the same for $60. In this process, you earn a $40 commission.

This is how drop servicing works I hope you understand the business model well.

Many people get confused between drop servicing and drop shipping. The major difference between them is that in dropshipping we deal in physical products and in drop servicing we deal in services.

Benefits of drop servicing

  • Freedom

Dropservicing gives you the freedom to choose your own working hours. You can work while you travel. Ultimately you are your own boss no one is going to bother you.

  • Long term game

Dropservicing is a long-term business. You can establish a professional agency in your niche.
You can build your personal brand and much more.

  • High earning potential

There is no limit on earnings in drop servicing. You can earn as much as you want. It is not a quick rich scheme. You have to do hard work. Ultimately you will earn as much as you work.

  • No investment

You can start Dropservicing without any investment. You just need a strong will to get success and you are good to go.

How to start Drop servicing?

The best thing about drop servicing is that you can start it with 0 investment

Yes, you read it right you can start without any investment.

So let’s discuss how you can start your drop servicing journey.

1. Identify your niche/services

Firstly you have to decide what type of services you want to offer. It is very important to clarify your niche and service list first.

Don’t go too broad in the starting. If you are a single person then it is not possible for you to offer every service in the starting.

You also have to know the basics of the services that you are going to offer. Because if you don’t know anything about the service how would you sell that service?

For example- If you want to sell Web development services then you should also know about web development a little bit. So you can close the clients without any hassle.

2. Build a website to showcase your service

Build a website to showcase your services and authority. You can also make a free website on Wix or any other platform.

If you have some money to invest then built a professional WordPress website.

If you have a proper website it will make the sales process a little bit easy as it will help to establish trust.

3. Get clients

It is the most important step. Without clients drop servicing is nothing.

Getting clients is a very vast topic so I will cover it in short.

Social media

Find businesses on social media that need your service and try to get on a call with them.

Explain how you can help them and try to sell your services.


There are various niche-specific forums in which people are searching for services you can join that groups and sell your services there

Cold emails

You can make an email list of your targeted customers and send them emails regarding the services.

Paid ads

You can also run paid ads to bring traffic to your website and sell the services you want

So these are some of the best and easy ways to find your first few clients

4. Fulfill the service

Once you get a client now it’s time to fulfill the client’s needs.

There are various ways to fulfill the service.

You can hire a freelancer from upwork.com, fiverr.com, freelancer.com

My personal favorite is Fiverr You can also try that.

You can also find experienced freelancers on Linkedin.

You can also outsource the work to an established agency.

That’s the whole process by which you can make some handsome commissions.

Which services can you offer in drop servicing?

You can drop service almost every service that you think. But still, I make a small list of services for you to get an Idea.

  • Web and app development

As of now, there is a huge demand for Web and app development services and it is the service in which you can make maximum commissions.

  • Social media services

As you know in today’s world everyone wants to increase their followers on social media. Everyone wants to get organic sales from social media. So you can also offer social media marketing services.

  • Lead generation

Every business need leads to get sales and survive in the market. You can provide lead generation services for big companies.

  • Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing also known as SEO is also a very high-demand service. Everyone wants to rank on google. It also has a huge opportunity for you.

  • Chatbots

A chatbot is the need of all modern websites and there is very low competition in this niche as of now. It is the best service you can offer as a beginner.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can start drop servicing?

There are no set rules for drop servicing so anyone can start drop servicing. But you have to know how to find clients and deal with clients.

How much money is required to start drop servicing?

You can start drop servicing without any money. You just need skills to find clients and make the sales.

Is drop servicing easy?

Drop servicing is not a quick rich scheme. But if you love sales and marketing then it is not hard for you.

Is drop servicing really profitable?

Yes, it is very profitable if you do it in the right way. It requires hard work and dedication.

Is drop servicing legal?

Yes, drop servicing is legal. As you are reselling services which is like other businesses buy low and sell high.

So that’s all from my side. If you still have any questions feel free to ask in the comments. I am more than happy to answer your questions.

Thanks for reading

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